Another Way to Define Passion At Work

What Is Zeal?

One dictionary defines "zeal" as "eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something," and it offers as synonyms such words as passion, fervor, ardor and enthusiasm. An initial thought could be that this stuff is reserved for the religiously inclined. On the other hand a closer look reveals it to be the stuff that the people at the top of their game bring to their work.

Zeal in Action

Take a look around your office and you'll find the ones with zeal, albeit a few. They are the ones with an irrepressible spirit. The ones who get on with it and make the best of what they have and what they find themselves in. They are the ones who make the difference. They don't play victim and they don't whine. They are the ones with high levels of self esteem and conviction in the value they provide. They are the ones who are in demand. They are the ones who go places. They are the ones who "show-up" and shape culture. They are the ones who leave a legacy and get remembered. They are the ones who grow. They are the ones who create momentum.

Despite old world connotations for what zeal is, it is without a doubt a mark of the "artist" at work.

Pack in the zeal before you leave home and bring it to work.

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