Your Path To Becoming An Artist At Work Starts Here


Do you have an itch - something that gnaws at your soul? Is there a haunting feeling that you could do so much more than you currently do. Are you creatively stifled? Are you frustrated with the constraints of your workplace? Do you suffer from boredom? Do you feel like money, security and obligations are keeping you stuck. Are expectations for your work life going unfulfilled?

The path to becoming an artist begins when you question where you are and why you do what you do. Its when you think beyond trading your time for money and when you focus on being remarkable.

10 Identifying Marks Your Artist Journey Has Begun

  1. You want more from life and desire to do work that is meaningful. You reason that there must be more to work than doing what you’re doing now.
  2. You want to work with people who truly inspire you to greater levels of achievement.
  3. You initiate discussion around “what if” scenarios.
  4. You are hyper-sensitive to boredom and ongoing repetitive work.
  5. Money is not the primary objective when you think about career planning.
  6. You get frustrated with people who don’t question how or why they do what they do.
  7. The thought of doing things you don’t particularly like for the rest of your career is unbearable.
  8. Leaving a legacy is something you think about a lot.
  9. The thought of being stuck in ajob interrupts your sleep.
  10. Entrepreneurial stories capture your imagination.

If some of these points resonate with you, I’m certain you are on the track to becoming an artist at work. Your journey has already begun. As we know, all great things start from nothing as thoughts before they become reality. I started to explore and build on this with some practical work hacks and personal leadership strategies to drive creative change that befits the modern day artist worker – that’s you!

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I’ll leave you with this MUST WATCH video from Tragedy and Hope on scratching your itch. This is one video I can watch everyday. It's remarkable and testament to the wonders of social age we are now living in.

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