Would Your Staff Hire You?

Turning The Tables On Managers

Should the tables be turned on you and your staff are empowered to hire their manager would they hire you? Think about it for a moment. Are you the kind of manager/leader they respect and appreciate enough to hire. Are you the manager that understands them and creates the "greenhouse" for them to flourish? It's a simple question. I believe it helps to drive the right thinking behind better people management.

As managers we can always do with a process to increase our self awareness for the things we do and the impact it has on the good souls we lead and direct. The management approach of "my way or the highway", "suck it up" and "deal with it" and oh yeah one more, "better the devil you know" is really due for replacement in this day and age. The knowledge economy demands a fresh approach. The process in this case is asking the question: Given the chance, would your staff hire you? Oh yeah, and then take the time to answer it. ;-)

Managers Who Get Hired By Their Staff

Managers who rock (and get hired by their staff) are self aware and work hard to be open to feedback on the efficacy of their management style. They see the impact their staff have on each other and extend that insight to how their actions impact their staff. They have courage to admit that they stuff up. They have a sense of candour about themselves. They distance themselves from arrogance, hubris and ego. They don't get caught up in being "right", and they don't get overly animated about their status and or title. They recognize that on the street, out of the office, they are just like everyone else.

What can you do now to be the manager who gets hired by their staff? Hold yourself accountable, ask the question. Seek insight and adapt.

Just because it will never happen don't fake yourself out and avoid the challenge. Management is a challenge. Roll with it.

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