11 Ways to Handle Work In A Bad Economy


With talk of financial gloom pertaining to debt in the West, it got me unpicking the mindset of a linchpin - workers who are indispensable. In these times how do the best of the best continue to rock?

Taking a Principled Approach To Work

We are always in a bad economy. Even when it is good we prepare for the worst. In the summer you harvest with the winter in mind. Therefore there is never a season to relax. It’s not to say you can't have fun and enjoy the good times however there is wisdom behind maintaining your edge in preparation for lean times. After all "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy".

If you're planning for bad times there will always be good times - Robert Kiyosaki

11 Ways Work In A Principled Manner When The Economy  Takes a Dive

With this principle in mind these things are ongoing:

    1. Learning and Personal/Professional Development. You have a rolling 18 month L&D plan. It's alive and it's making you more valuable.

    2. You have a personal brand and you maintain it. In today’s hyper-connected world you realize that people will find out (and expect to find out) more about you before they even meet you. Personal branding separates you from the masses that don't use it. This places you in line of sight for top end head-hunters and future like-minded "abundance mentality" connections. This is your place to showcase your portfolio.

    3. You read lots. Reading is the keystone to your edge. Reserve novels of holidays. Otherwise its non-fiction that somehow relates to your career and or learning plan mentioned in point 1.  Reading sharpens the saw.

    4. Vacations are essential for gaining perspective, so you can get the balance right and come back to work refreshed to keep shipping your product and working through your development plan

    5. Your résumé is always up to date. You have a clear idea of your value and lie in wait ready for the job you want. The Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters authors make a distinct point on this: trying to be prepared for any job out there will almost guarantee you'll get no job out there. Be specific and be prepared. If the job you want suddenly comes up, the 12 hour mad rush to get an application together may not be sufficient to even secure to a response.

    6. You have job locating options on the ready. Face to face relationship with recruiters, search tools, job boards, industry contacts.

    7. You are active on LinkedIn and you request and give meaningful references where relevant. Avoid connecting with known imbeciles. Don’t give any old person a recommendation and don't accept a recommendation from someone who is not someone you respect.

    8. Maintain a healthy relationship with your direct manager, whether you like him or not.

    9. You watch and monitor a list of companies that match your preferences for opportunities that may arise.

    10. Your work is delivery-focused. If there is no outcome to your labour, stop labouring. Take a verified list of deliverables to your boss each week whether she asks for it or not.

    11. Talk about how bad things are or how bad they will get are kept to a minimum. You have a plan and you stick to it.

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