How to Win in the New World of Work

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The terms to describe the economic era we are presently contending with are varied. The Digital Era, the Internet Age, the Connection Economy are but a few new terms for the ever evolving economic era that is defining a new world of work. If you've been following my writing you'll know I refer to it as The Social Age.

Once you recognise we are living in a new and ever changing economic era you'll begin to see that the way we've been working needs to change too. The workplace and businesses are being disrupted and the management thinking that built them is losing validity fast.

Many incumbents—aka pre-Internet companies—built their businesses based on assumptions of scarcity: scarce information, scarce distribution resources and market reach, or scarce choice and shelf space. Now, though, these factors are abundant, lowering or eliminating barriers to entry and making entire industries ripe for change. --Eric Schmidt (executive chairman of Google)

In the foray of this change we have a choice. Hold back or adapt. If you choose the latter there is a new path working itself out that is in perpetual metamorphosis among a growing tribe of passionate connected individuals.

My research points to 5 things that super successful people are doing to thrive in this new world of work. Here we go:

5 Sure Fire Tactics to Succeed in the Social Age

  1. Be On Purpose. It was Simon Sinek who embellished the concept of knowing your WHY. And it's with good reason for the simple discovery that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Knowing our why generates purpose and meaning in our work and this is where your uniqueness becomes competitive advantage.

  2. Work for Yourself. In the post-industrial era the idea of dependence and entitlement is waning. Security is your responsibility and not that of your employers. A new entrepreneurial work ethic is gaining momentum and it incorporates the age old wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson to be self-reliant. This is a mindset that applies to employees just as it does to the self-employed.

  3. Become an Authority. Being mediocre is no longer an option like it was in the past. In the Social Age you have to be brilliant at something and thanks to the Internet establishing a personal brand showcasing your work never been more possible. When we Google your name, what will we find?

  4. Build A High Quality Network. Working in isolation has its limits. In the Social Age where passionately connected individuals drive the value chain, you need a network. A network is your pool of talent that helps to amplify your impact and reach. If you got laid off today, who in your network could you call that would care?

  5. Build A Platform. In the Social Age you have to market and sell your wares. Yes, the Internet is vast and awesome but it brings chaos. It's a noisy place and getting heard is not easy. And not getting noticed means you don’t get paid either. Therefore, a platform is the place that tells me what you want me to know about you and what value you provide. This is your new resume that showcases your work.

These 5 tactics are all about being remarkable, indispensable and accessible. And it’s a choice. In the next 5 posts I will build on each of these tactics. So stay tuned.

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