Why You Don't Have What You Want

by Karl Rohde — Get free updates of new posts here. Photo Credit: Karl Rohde

The social age is causing disruption with businesses everywhere. Indeed the chaos, pace and pressure of this present day shift can often leave us in a state of bewilderment, a slump, a funk or a rut. Perhaps, from time to time, like me, you find yourself in a valley of deep shadow wondering how to change the apparent trajectory of your vocation whilst trying to balance it all.

"I need answers!" I hear you say. Get a grip. You've got them already.

Take a blank sheet of paper, pen/pencil of choice. Proceed to a quiet place and write down your intuitive answer to this question:

Why don’t you have everything you want in your life right now?

Do this alone, be honest, write freely. More than likely it will include a few of these usual suspects:

  1. I procrastinate,
  2. I’m not clear,
  3. I don't work off a plan or set goals,
  4. I’m not organised,
  5. I sleep in,
  6. I watch too much TV,
  7. I'm addicted to social media, email, the Internet, my devices,
  8. I work hard on things that don't matter,
  9. I complain and make excuses,
  10. I’m always busy doing things for other people;
  11. I don’t pause and reflect,
  12. I am living someone elses expectation for my life,
  13. I don’t collect ideas,
  14. I don’t experiment and take moderate risks,
  15. I don't track my progress
  16. I don’t have the desire,
  17. I don’t follow through and build momentum,
  18. I don't even know what I want any more,
  19. I’m waiting for a sign,
  20. I blame others,
  21. I don't step outside my comfort-zone; I play it safe,
  22. I'm not prepared to do the hard work,
  23. I'm waiting for permission,
  24. I allow self-doubt to hijack the projects I start,
  25. I am too reliant on others,
  26. I don't take baby steps and lack consistency.

.....be sure to write your own list ;-)

It's commonplace to look on the outside for answers, solutions and direction. You’ll just get another book, you'll just talk to another friend, you’ll just wait a little while longer until you know, you’ll attend a focus group, you'll wait for your boss to tell you, you’ll sign up for another webinar etc.

No doubt about it, there is a time to seek advice.

The thing is this: we have this faculty called intuition, honed by what we consistenyly feed our minds, which is perfectly capable of giving us the direction, answers and solutions that we need only if we can be still and quiet enough to let it speak. Your first stop is you, then others.

Our modern day information rich culture is very noisy. The downside is that makes it harder and harder to hear your inner voice.

I like quiet time. Its the sure fire way I know to tap into my inner wisdom. All artists know this. You and I know what we need to do. So lets do it.

Thanks for reading. Be kind!