Two Ways To Better Understand Change

The concept of change is an interesting one. Too often I hear statements like, "I am really good with change." Working in the IT industry I am inundated with technologists who claim to embrace change, especially in interviews. It got me thinking about how good I am with change and while I thought it was pretty straightforward I began to think a little more deeply how well we deal with change in general.

For the sake of my point I will identify 2 zones where change is experienced. Firstly in your job or in your comfort zone. Secondly, outside of your job or outside of your comfort zone.

Change In Your Comfort Zone

We typically deal with change pretty well in our chosen vocation, despite a few protests here and there.

If you're a manager and they change your reporting line you may gripe at the change, but ultimately you'll re-engage and get on with your new management structure.

If you're a technologist and get forced to use a cheaper brand of hardware you'll whine but deal with it.

If your company gets bought out you'll adapt or move on to find a comparative job you think you're about to lose.

This type of change is part of the job description; it’s in the zone you agreed to work in. This is the stuff most of us claim to embrace (while occasionally swallowing hard).

Change Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

The other type of change, outside of your job, is the stuff that few of us face up to. The change that breaks the status quo, the change that breaks our norms.

Here are a few examples.

  1. Write a book.
  2. Take 3 - 6 month sabbatical every 3 years (I discovered heaps of people do this).
  3. Start up a sideline business while keeping your day job.
  4. Take your family to Paris for 3 months and live like a Parisienne.

Spend a day with Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, Hugh Mcleod, Chris Brogan, Stefan Sagmeister and you'll know about change that will have you quivering.

The Challenge to Change

For a simple exercise to test your ability to change how you earn your cash, I have a challenge for you.

Come up with a way to make $100 cash in additional income every month going forwards.

This cannot come from say your existing job, as in working an extra 3 hours if you're a contractor or get overtime pay. It has to be outside of your usual avenue for making cash.

Got any ideas? (Leave a comment) ;-)

This would seem so simple especially considering how easily we spend $100. When I put this challenge to most people I get very similar responses. A blank stare, a bewilderment that it is not easier and a desire to know the answer.

While I work on my "$100 a month" challenge I'll remind myself change can be easy and then just like that, in a snap, it can humble me.

What are your thoughts on dealing with change? I'd love to know what you think. Please leave a comment, write a trackback or send me an email - karl [at] Please share on your favourite social networks. Thank you.