7 Elements of "Le Tour de France" at Work

You already know this: The Tour de France is an extraordinary sporting event. Its the Mount Everest of the sporting world. Most people would struggle to do 1 stage of the Tour with months of practice. And these guys do 21 stages....just like that!

For the tour to work there is an amazing spirit in operation. Inspired by the feats of brilliance I thought about parallel application to us in the workforce. So here goes 7 points to think about in the context of work. 

  1. The achievement of a single stage and the subsequent 21 stages does not happen by accident. Its not just cycling a bike for the 3 weeks duration of the event. It takes years of hardcore training, dieting, focus, discipline, passion and determination to develop the capacity to make it happen.
    Work Principle: Bring some committed passion; for learning; for the sake of developing your capability; for the the personal achievement of something great.

  2. To compete in a Tour takes long term planning.
    Work Principle: Think long term. Begin with the end in mind (thanks Mr Covey).

  3. The teams in the Tour have a leader. The whole team exists to get the leader in front and hopefully to win. This is teamwork's finest showcase.
    Work Principle: Think and act like a team player. Back your team mates and make efforts for win-win outcomes. And be a worthy and respected leader who people want to follow.

  4. The strongest riders always stay together. They keep up with each other and wait for an opportune time to break away.
    Work Principle: Follow the leaders who can take you where you want to go and have the sense to break away and be a leader yourself.

  5. The teams have a day plan. They stick to the plan and execute it. They have a riding strategy. Its not chance, ad-hoc, on-the-fly in the Tour.
    Work Principle: Have a plan. Become a planning advocate. Plan your days work and execute it. Grand reputations hinge on people who can execute and deliver. Grand people invariable are good planners.

  6. When the riders wipe out, they get straight back up. In the 2011 Tour we saw Johnny Hoogerland get wiped out by a car, thrown into a barbed-wire fence, end up with 33 stitches in his leg only to get back into the race and ride for his life. Respect!
    Work Principle: When you fail just keep going. We all mess up, when it happens dont let it stop you.

  7. The riders take hills, flat road, down-hill, coastal heat and cold mountains all in their stride with a constant drive and no matter what they face they ride like the wind.
    Work Principle: Be consistent and determined. Take the good with the bad. No holding back

What did Le Tour make you think of? Maybe it was traveling to France? Lets go!

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