The Stuff That Kills Our Dreams

by Karl Rohde — Get free updates of new posts here. Photo Credit: Karl Rohde

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This is a rough post: A free reign brainstorm of the things that utterly destroy our dreams. Too often I will reflect on say the last year or last five years and wonder why I did not achieve what I wanted. It always comes back to at least one if not several of these. Sometimes its good to know the enemy and deal with it accordingly. And sometimes the enemy is none other than ourselves.

Take courage. Be brave. Fight them because you (we) can. ;-)

27 Reasons Your Dreams Don't Sprout

  1. A lack of focus
  2. Distractions
  3. Procrastination
  4. The absence of a burning desire
  5. A lack of self-discipline
  6. Fear of failure; fear of losing what you already have.
  7. A lack of conscious thought; reliance on automatic (sub-conscious) thinking
  8. Being passive
  9. Self-doubt
  10. Lack of planning
  11. Lack of information; ignorance
  12. A lack of meaning and purpose in the things we do
  13. Working on futile things
  14. Pursuing comfort
  15. Fear of rejection
  16. A lack of commitment
  17. Self-deception
  18. A lack of self-control
  19. Fear of breaking away from the masses; an excessive need to fit in
  20. Fear of working alone, being alone and pioneering something on your own
  21. An excessive need for approval
  22. The act of blaming
  23. Making excuses
  24. Lack of personal organization
  25. Failing to set deadlines
  26. Short term thinking
  27. Failing to start.....

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