15 Quotes That Got Me Started On My Platform

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I was driving in the car one morning. I was listening to DJ Shadow. The track Warning Call invaded the cavity of my car. Then it hit me. It resonated. It stuck. One line: Its cool to be you when you like what you do! This now forms part of my list of foundation quotes that underpin my message on WorkLikeAnArtist.com

Why Quotes Rock

I love quotes. We all love quotes. Quotes are short snippets of logic and wisdom, often wit, that succinctly state the way things are.

  1. Quotes are empathetic and provide direction.
  2. Quotes give us pause and a sense of clarity.
  3. Quotes inspire and fuel action.
  4. They make us feel something.
  5. They encourage aspiration.
  6. They bring sense to chaos.
  7. Quotes bring assurance and give authority a point of view.
  8. They give us insight into great minds.
  9. Quotes capture the essence of things.
  10. Quotes carry ideas.
  11. Legendary business philosopher Jim Rohn refers to quotes as "vitamins for the mind".

When I was starting this blog a number of quotes truly inspired me and gave me a base to build on as I thought about the monumental place work takes in our lives.

I created a brief SlideShare.net pack of the 15 quotes that got me started on my platform: WorkLikeAnArtist.com.

The Principles Behind These Quotes

Taking a look through my 15 foundational quotes you'll find the following principles to apply to our working lives.

  1. Creative expression, art, is innate in all of us. Art carries purpose and meaning.
  2. Work is about who we are as people. When we see heart and soul in our work it becomes less about labour and more about life.
  3. Our work is larger than a job. Doing meaningful work is essential if we are going to do our best work.
  4. Doing work we love is a right and loving what we do is a choice. Yes, getting what we deserve requires effort.
  5. Being unique is the start of being valuable. You already have the secret sauce. Tap yourself.
  6. Focusing on being valuable is the key to thriving as individuals
  7. Being purposeful about your work increases confidence and self-worth which in turn drives fear and uncertainty away.
  8. We have to be leaders. Waiting for others to lead us is not an option.
  9. The most inspirational people, the ones we envy, love what they do. Be cool and love your work.
  10. Change begins with you. And sometimes this requires a whole new mind and a whole new approach to everything we do.
  11. If we're not having fun at work, something is wrong.
  12. To hack the future we have to unlearn a lot of things we were taught.

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