Why Your Next Position Description Will Be Written By You

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There is a compelling explanation for the disruption we see in the economy now. In his book, the Fourth Economy, Ron Davison examines what happens when we transition between the economic ages.

We understand there to be three distinct economic periods: Agricultural (1300–1700), Industrial (1700–1900), and Knowledge (1900–2000). At each economic transition, we've seen diminishing returns from investing in the previous system. The popular response has been to label our current economic woes a painful global recession. Davison contends this popular point of view is wrong. We aren't going through a global recession; we’re transitioning between two distinct economic periods. Now, he purports, we are facing a transition to the Entrepreneurial Age. (I’ve been calling it the Social Age)

In the Social Age, there is plenty of talk about running a start-up and being self-employed. These paths offer alluring challenge and come with a caveat. They need loads of courage, obsession and ambition. They are definitely not for everyone. In the new world of work you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or a business owner, but you do need to change your mindset.

The trend in work is showing that having more than one stream of income is going to be the norm. Your job will just be one of those streams. Taking charge of your career means you may indeed build a side gig or several side gigs that compliment your job or build upon dormant passions. This is far from new. People have been running side hustles for decades and it’s now reaching a tipping point.

In the Knowledge age, as employees, we were given a position description that put structure and order our work. In the Social Age, this changes. Here the individual takes back career control. Instead of being given a position description it now makes sense to write your own position description and begin leading yourself. You can still have a job, but you will need to steer your ship and be the captain who sets the course; not your employer.

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