How to Kickstart your Day

by Karl Rohde — Get free updates of new posts here. Photo Credit: Karl Rohde

As you begin another work day, what goes through your mind?

Is it just another day on auto pilot?

What will you do today? Will it matter?

Will you enjoy it?

Will you inspire others and maybe yourself?

Will you be productive, engaged or even passionate?

Will you surprise others or maybe even yourself?

Will you do your best work?

Will you bravely transform or simply transact?

Will you complete the day feeling satisfied with your contribution?

Will you do what you want to do or will it be the bidding of someone else?

I'm inspired by the concept of intention and the people who enact it. We have a choice to let each day pass or to make each day matter. A day is all you have, compounded over time our days have the potential to add up to a lot. The inimitable Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the USA, knew this and had potent approach to his daily routine. He commences each day with the discipline to ask as profoundly simple, yet powerful question.

"What good shall I do this day?" --Benjamin Franklin

With the pandemonium and the busyness of life I find it’s too easy to just let another day go by. Sometimes it’s scary to realise I can't recall what I've done in the last few days because I never did anything of real meaning or value. Sure I was busy and sure I was not lying around watching TV, but therein lays the trap. We can easily busy ourselves to no avail. Sure we have to get stuff done, but don't trick yourself into thinking that being busy is OK. This is too easy.

I write, not because it’s easy. I write because it forces me to think and makes me intentional about my time, my days and the things I choose to do. It sparks the power of intention. This power is simple and I like simple.

Being intentional creates personal potency because it set in motion creativity and creativity is what we get rewarded for. --Karl Rohde

This is how all artists begin. Great art or meaningful outcomes occur when we set about to intentionally create something. And all we need is today to start.

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are hammers and there are nails. You decide which one you want to be. --Will Smith, in the movie FOCUS.

Being intentional is the difference between creating something and creating nothing. Go forth. (click to tweet)