Simple Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolutions Alive


As 2013 rolls on it will be the end of January before you know it. Time as we know it moves far too quickly. While most of us want to do notable things with our time the reality is that time will run away, along with our resolutions, if we lose focus. So how do we prevent losing a grip on our commitments for a better year ahead?

Before we begin, let’s get clear on distractions, the stuff that gets the way, and the pull of something meaningful.

What’s distracting you from focussing on what matters?

Firstly it’s important to know what’s getting in the way of your focus. If you can identify the distraction you’ll be able to take actions to better manage them.

How can you address this simply and how can you do this now. How can you block out the stuff that gets in the way. Maybe it’s as simple at sacrificing an hour of TV a week or waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual. 

Beware of the curse of someday. It never comes. Don’t put it off. Do it now. How we use our time is a choice. Choose!

Are your resolutions still meaningful and do they get you pumped?

In most cases the reason you set resolutions is to be a better you. It’s to build self esteem, develop credibility, establish pride, improve well-being and develop potency amongst other positive outcomes.

If the effort you need to put forth does not make you that much better maybe it’s appropriate to challenge yourself a little more. Ask yourself if your commitments get you pumped. If not, well, make them juicy and get juiced.

How excited do your commitments make you feel? As Danielle LaPorte suggests in the Desire Map, you’ll do well to focus on how you would like to feel. I’m betting if your resolutions make you feel excited, or “insert your desired feeling”, you’ll have a better chance of realising their impact on your life.

Create a year you can be proud of in 365 days.

Now that you’ve nailed your distractions and recalibrated your resolutions. Here are 10 simple things you can do to keep your resolutions alive well past January 7th.

  1. Resolutions are not completed in 1 day. You have 365. Pace yourself and relax, but be consistent and focus on enjoying each step toward accomplishing your goals. 
  2. Think of resolutions as commitments. I cringe a little when I hear the term resolution because I know as a society we often take them as optional. Start talking about commitments and make them personal. When you talk about commitment it tends to carry more intention. When you talk about resolutions too often we joke how we gave them up a week into the New Year. Stop the joking and make a commitment to yourself.
  3. Revise your resolutions and make sure they are achievable. Maybe it’s a good thing to prune some off. Maybe you were a little over optimistic when you set them.
  4. Did you actually write them down? If not this is an imperative. When the pressure of life ramps up again in the year you won’t instant recall what you committed to. It may be well worth setting fewer commitments and sticking to those than trying to crack a lot and doing none.
  5. If you want to get serious it may be time to get a serious tool. I personally love the MiGoals system. For habit type commitments there are some cool apps out there. The one I like best and use is the one Tim Ferriss endorses called Lift. Lift allows you to join a group of people going for the same goal or habit and then you can track and report on your consistency. The weekly reminder emails are great to gain insight into your consistency and progress. Plus you get “props” from other people as a digital encouragement to keep going.
  6. Expect setbacks. You may get a cold and slip a week or two on your exercise program and this is OK. Just get back on it. Don’t use the interruption as an excuse to throw it all in.
  7. Make it impossible to create excuses. Resolutions are there to benefit you and make you the best you can be for you and those important to you. Do it for you and don’t allow self sabotage to take root. (click to tweet this - THANKS)
  8. Remind yourself how great you’ll feel when you achieve your commitments and how bad you’ll feel if you don’t.
  9. Talk about them with other goals setters who take their commitments seriously. A little encouragement is a good thing. “Hey Sammy, I just completed 50 push-ups a day for 17 days straight.” Nice one Billy, I’ve been going to gym 3 times a week for the last 4 weeks.” “Hey you guys, I am about to complete my 30 day blogging challenge.” “You know Lucy, I may just join you on that one.”
  10. Track progress. Get a journal for the sake of tracking yourself. Every day just make an entry pertaining to your progress (click to tweet this - THANKS). This serves as a healthy reminder to review what’s important and what matters. This will be the tool that keeps you on track. Just do it.

How do you keep your resolutions or commitments alive? I’d love to know. Please leave a message in the comments.

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