If You Feel Like Giving Up, You Need to Read This

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When you start a new endeavor that involves change, growth or facing one’s fears, an entity comes home to roost. Its the pressure to give up and retreat back to the way things were. When you set upon a course to disrupt the inertia of your life to do something special, extraordinary or something that operates outside of the rules a great and imposing force comes to the fore. Renowned author, Steven Pressfield, exposes this in his must-read book The War of Art in which he aptly calls it the RESISTANCE.

  • You’ll feel alone and a little scared as you pull away from the herd.
  • You’ll encounter the imposter syndrome.
  • You’ll start experiencing self-doubt
  • You’ll feel guilty for leaving others behind.
  • You’ll get affected by the opinions of others resigned to their circumstances
  • You’ll assume failure is close at hand.

If you feel like giving up on your new endeavor, know that this is a good thing. This feeling only arises when you trying to increase your value, when you decided to expand and give more. If you hold back, pursue safety, eat more sugar, exercise less you won't get this feeling.

The pressure to give up is a sign you’re on the right track so keep going. Its a real comfort to know people like Marie ForleoChris Brogan, and James Altucher talk about giving up all the time.

Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.
— Colin Powell

In fact, the feeling of giving up is on the increase. You’re not alone. As it turns out there's an entrepreneurial revolution underway and its all possible thanks to the shifting economy. Kimberly Palmer calls this the the Economy of YOU! and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman underpins the idea that thriving employees in today's economy are more like start up businesses. As the industrial age is slowly waning the Social Age is ushering in more opportunities to be self reliant. It also presents the challenge to prepare oneself for a shifting career landscape.

  1. If you need empathy read the brutally honest account of Jeff Goins, a writer, who wants to quit.
  2. If you want to remind yourself why change is critical, read Who Moved My Cheese, again.
  3. If you want a primer on the Social Age read my article on the subject: What is the Social Age?
  4. If you want a hackers guide of things you can do to increase your personal value seize Tom Peters - The Brand You50. (surprisingly this was written 15 years ago)

Giving up is a good thing if you break the words apart and reframe it: 1. giving is the first step in receiving and 2. moving up is synonymous with life, nature, which does not stop moving and keeps on growing.

Whatever you do don’t give up. Accept the feeling and know its a sign you’re on the pathway to increasing your value and living without regrets.

Feeling like giving up is the side effect of growth. You are now part of a growing tribe of people.
— Karl Rohde

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