The Goal Of Work And How To Get Closer To It


Chris Guillebeau wrote a beautiful post entitled, "The Goal". Its poignant and a stark reminder to have goals worthy of pursuing. Goals that make you boom. Thanks Chris.

Pertaining to work he proposed this worthy goal:

To pursue productive, meaningful work. To spend most of your time doing something that you and others find meaningful.

Can the goal of work be summed up any better? Considering we spend so much of our lives working it is an imperative ask why we work and where is it all going?  So why? WHY DO YOU WORK? If that goal is a worthy answer for you where do you begin? The reality of living that goal is quite different to actually reading the words and liking the sentiment.

Often a lofty goal can leave one hanging between desire and despair. Here are a few things pointers to get closer to living that awesome goal. Lets go.

How to Get Closer to Your Goal of Work

  1. There is roadwork ahead. Don't panic, get overwhelmed and fearful.
  2. Pull back wild ideas and frantic labour and start a considered journey of exploration to discover what exactly is meaningful for you. Your objective is to answer this question: What does meaningful work look like to you?     
  3. This is almost always connected to your innate uniqueness. (Think about your passion, strengths, values, experience). This is your art. If you like doing something creatively there is a big chance you art is close by.
  4. Next, figure out how can you convert your art into usefulness or meaning for others. Experiment a lot until you figure that out. My art is a deep passion for creativity, productivity and personal potency and I make this useful by inspiring people to take purposeful action to make their work meaningful.
  5. Get help. You are not alone. I bet the guy right next to you or a friend will be up for this goal. So join forces and don't feel like you have to do it on your own. Join me. How can I help you? Please don't hesitate to send an email to karl [at]
  6. Be intentional with your uniqueness. Like a business that undergoes continual improvement so too your art and its usefulness needs continual improvement. Keep shipping your art, keep developing, honing and mastering that.
  7. Persist. This may take a little while. Chris Guillebeau took a while, as did Chris Brogan, Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt. And anyone who now does meaningful work.

Great work does not happen by accident. Please don't fake yourself out. See goals for what they are: a juicy outcome or end point to a series of actions. So get stuck into these actions and begin Working like an Artist.

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