The Gap Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

What Is The Gap?

With regard to your career, job, and business: When you find yourself in a place quite different from where you would rather be you may be in place that can be likened to a "gap".

This "gap" is a rite of passage for those who are brave enough to identify and pursue the destination that embraces their innate strengths (add imagination, passion and aspiration).

The "gap" is not an easy place to be:

  1. You may very well have to slog it out in a place that corrodes the soul.
  2. You may have to chew through your life savings.
  3. You may have to work two jobs; the day job full time and the destination job part time.
  4. You may have to work late nights and early mornings.
  5. You may even have to forgo irreplaceable family/kid time.
  6. You may have to expend all your energy and effort into a cause you know you'll leave behind.
  7. You may have to take risks you would rather not.

The path from current position to future position will more than likely not be a nice fluffy cloud.

Bear In Mind That The Gap is Part of a Process

Every truly great achievement is materialised though the gap . If you've seen the biographical film, "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith you'll see the gap very well illustrated. Chris Gardner endured some pretty low moments (homelessness, sleeping with his kid in a public toilet) only to get to his destination as stock broker and then millionaire. Take a look at the TV series "Grand Designs" and you'll see almost everyone enduring a gap to eventually get through to the dream house.

Most public speakers hinge their vocation on their story of the "gap". Most biography's are about the journey through the "gap". People who have dream jobs often endure a gap to get there.

Always Work With The End in Mind

The point is this: the "gap is temporary. It's part of a process. The other part of the process, the destination, does come. If you are in a "gap" hack it. In Seth Godin's book The Dip, where he talks about the need to stick (and quit) he makes the point about persistence and seeing past the valley of doubt and seemingly low results that you might be facing. Read some killer blogs, hang out with mates, keep fit, look after yourself and keep the faith. Hang in there and keep your eye on the destination, endure, persevere. May the force be with you! Those who have endured the "gap" will tell you they would do it again and again.

What are your thoughts on the "gap"? Are you in one? What have you done or are doing to hack it?

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