The Power Of A Friend At Work

We all need an outlet when things get rough at work. When pressure mounts and you have too many things to deliver and you lose need a mechanism to prevent you from going insane.

I recall a Deepak Chopra lecture I attended in Melbourne, entitled the Soul of Leadership, where he said insanity happens when we do not find a communication outlet for our emotions and feelings. 

As humans, I am convinced we are designed to share and included in this is the sharing of our means, experiences and feelings a like. And when things get rough there is a need to share our story with someone. As the saying goes, "A problem shared is a problem halved." 

At work our insanity inhibitors are people we call "friends". The Gallup organization in their "People and Culture" survey refer to them as "Best Friends". (Their point is that we should be friends with everyone, but best friends with a few.) 

It's these "best friends" that keep it all together. They are the ones who keep us on the straight. They tell us when we go too far, when we exaggerate and when we are about to "lose it" unnecessarily. They hold us accountable to our higher self. They give us the kick in the butt when we need it and they give us the empathy that soothes the soul. They give us the dose of reality we need and they help keep our ego in check. 

The development of trusting relationships is a significant emotional compensation for employees in today's marketplace. Gallup Business Journal

Don't mistake the people with whom you only whine with (the water cooler gang). They are not friends. Friends are the ones who tell both sides of the story. The whine and the opportunity. The gripe with the growth. The irk with the challenge.

Get your "work best friend" a coffee. I think all will agree that happiness is inextricably linked to healthy relationships, including relationships at work. Its out friends that help us get back to doing what we love; our art.

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