17 Ways to Find Inspiration Everywhere

This is a part 2 of a 3 part post on Inspiration.

Following on from my previous post on inspiration. Here is a small list to get you looking in the right places to indeed find inspiration everywhere.

  1. Just be inspiring, Be the dude you want to be, hone your aspiration.
  2. Watch the Caroline Casey video on Ted. Freakin hell, this girl is blind and manages to do stuff most healthy people don't even dare to. If she can do it, we can do it.
  3. Enjoy the company of close friends, not the shallow ones we use for social normalization.
  4. Observe a 3 year old and mimic their "seeing everything for the first time". Kids are free, unhindered and inquisitive.
  5. Go to the cinema. Films are the cheapest mainline for inspiration. It costs millions to make and 10 bucks to watch. Ridiculous.
  6. Perform an act of kindness (it does not have to be over the top)
  7. Hang out at TED.com.
  8. Read this aspirational blog - www.WorkLikeAnArtist.com - about working with passion and doing meaningful work :)
  9. Get a camera and go wild. Capture the world in weird and wonderful ways.
  10. Read a Holy Book. - Yes, a splash of spirituality for balance, hope and perspective.
  11. Actually always have a book to read. As Jim Rohn wisely quoted"The book you dont read, wont help!"
  12. Start a project that makes you buzz and focus your energy on an outcome.
  13. Write a list of people that inspire. Keep it active and keep it growing. Review it. As you discover another add them to the list. 
  14. Adopt a hunter gatherer philosophy with regard to inspiration. Seek it out. Be ready to see it. Pounce on it and use a journal to remind yourself of it. 
  15. Share stories of inspiration as it relates to anything important to you. (career, mission, family, cooking, art, travel, business, you name it)
  16. Check out Paul Smith's book: You Can Find Inspiration In Everything (and if you can't look again) 
  17. How does this relate to work life? Nothing and everything. Given the choice of working for a manager who inspires and who does not I think I know what your answer is. We need inspiration. Lets Inspire.

    What are your thoughts on finding inspiration? I'd love to know what you think. Please leave a comment, write a trackback or send me an email - karl [at] worklikeanartist.com. Please share on your favourite social networks - THIS REALLY MATTERS. Thank you.