How to Steal Time like An Entrepreneur

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In the Social Age the imperative to do more with less is well understood. With a limited amount of time each day our approach to managing ourselves during that time can make a big difference to the value we provide and the impact we make and the fulfilment we get. Take your pick from the list of ideas to better manage your days to do your best work.

  1. Wake early and get a head start on your work and life without interruptions
  2. Get super focused.
  3. Work off a list.
  4. Schedule everything. Not just work – down time too.
  5. Work with purpose.
  6. Say no. Recognise how other people hijack your agenda and learn to say “no” gracefully.
  7. Keep physically fit. Run and eat clean – this is how you maintain peak energy.
  8. Work on things you must do instead of things you should do. Be sure to read Elle Luna's viral essay.
  9. Take regular breaks – walk, stretch, stand and breathe deep.
  10. Build momentum. Small achievements stack up to something big over time.
  11. Develop consistency - it’s not what you do sometimes that matters; it’s what you do most of the time.
  12. Work in chunks – try the Pomodoro technique to develop the discipline of working in short focused productive chunks.
  13. Kick start your consciousness with journaling – try the highly effective Morning Pages technique for unleashing creativity.
  14. Banish distractions. Know what and who distracts you and find a way or a place to work uninterrupted.
  15. Set deadlines for everything that matters.
  16. Don’t wait for inspiration. Discipline is greater than inspiration.
  17. Rest. Don’t burn yourself out. Know when to stop and get quality sleep.
  18. Sacrifice some TV.
  19. Mix with people who value their time.
  20. Work iteratively – launch small things often.
  21. Pursue the void – seek out solitude and take time to be quiet to allow answers to emerge.
  22. Be intentional. Randomness has no power.
  23. Don’t gossip – avoid creating more drama and more importantly avoid getting involved with other people’s drama.
  24. Give attention to whatever you are doing. Attention is the gift you give to your work. When you work, work! When you take a break, take a break.
  25. Make some of the above a daily ritual.

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