The 7 Elements of Successful Branding


The topic of branding seems to be ubiquitous. Mainly, I think, because it's become personal. Branding used to be the concern for big companies and now it’s everyone’s business.

  • Websites everywhere are assisting people with landing pages that drive a statement of purpose, intent and value. (i.e. LinkedIn,,,
  • Social media has become serious.
  • Blogs are a personal platform norm.
  • Traffic generation to our blogs is routine.

Branding is now beyond products and is now about service and now especially personal services.

If you work, you’re offering a personal service. Given the choice, most prefer branded services that are distinguishable from mass and that evoke the things we love about brands.

At the recent 2012 Retail World Conference in Melbourne, Australia I managed to extract these salient reminders on what the crucial elements of a brand are.

1. Paints a picture

It’s not just a word or a thing. It evokes imagery and visual stimulation. It’s an atmosphere and a place to be.

2. Unlocks emotion

It makes you feel something. It evokes your senses and triggers the limbic system. There is no need to engage the analytical left brain to rationalise a good brand. Your right brain (gut feel) assures you its rock steady. You feel it, so why bother thinking about it. It’s primal and harmonizes with your inner self.

3. Creates a call to action

It stands for something. It just is. When you get a piece of it you come into existence. You be. You show it off and promote it with pleasure. With it you become a little more interesting.

4. Believable and trusted

It’s got credibility with you and your friends and strangers that may look at you. That car, that jacket, those shoes, those tools, those things are the real deal. They have been and will be. If the label is on its worthy.

5. Gives a True North to its business

It gives its business purpose and meaning to keep going. It's business ROI. It’s the stuff that defines the culture of that business.

6. Gets it done, consistently

Its job is to serve and this is done very well. It makes you cool, sophisticated, carefree, wild, provocative, safe, brave, proud or something. It sponsors events and draws crowds. It cements the tribe, the team and the industry it plays in.

7. Is restless and relentless

It does not relax and assume present success is assured future success. It innovates and changes to satiate your needs. It’s disruptive and creates buzz. It keeps knocking on your door.

So how do our brands, product or personal service, stack up against these? What do you think? I'd love get your insight on this fascinating and poignant topic.

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