Discover Your Values For Optimal Results


Values are an interesting bag. Many people will mention things that go against their values and things that resonate with their values, however they still can't articulate specifically what their values are. This is remarkable when we learn that one of the biggest drivers in our lives are our values. Our choices, our passions, our aspirations or lack thereof are all based upon our values. John Demartini explains this so well in this short video.

If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values. --Martin Luther King, Jr.

In a nutshell current research points to this:

  1. Values are defined as those things most important to us in a given context.
  2. Values we hold lead to the beliefs we hold, that leads to the attitudes we hold and ultimately the behaviour we demonstrate.
  3. In essence values lead to the results and outcomes in our lives.

 This understanding presupposes that if we change our values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, then we will change our results. You can work at any level but at the base of it all is our values. Work on our values has the longest lasting and deepest impact.

So what are your values?

Your Values Calculator

Why not kick it off next week with a shot of self awareness and complete a self assessment of your values. To make this easy have created a values calculator spreadsheet with over 300 values to help you narrow down your top 5.

Having worked out my own values I think it is safe to say there are about 10 to 15 values that correlate to each of us. Persist until you get to 5 as its these values that are the biggest drivers to most decisions you make.

Simply knowing your top values will do little.

However once you know them you can better understand how they support you where you are and where you want to go? In my next post I will build on this and give you a few questions to develop your awareness and ultimately your accountability with your values in mind.

Here is to a better you and me in 2012!

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