When Leadership Is Defined By Humility

We Are All Minions

Something to reflect on is the role that no working person is exempt from. It's that of subordinate. Personally I like the term "minion” as it has the connotation of true subordination.

From the bottom rung worker-bee to the CEO we are all a minion relative to a customer. The CEO has his investors and the consumer base who buys the products his company produces and the entrepreneur who seems to run his own ship has to meet the need of someone who pays his invoices. Writers have their readers. Midnight forex traders have the "market". The PM has the populace. The car salesman has drivers. The checkout girl has a boss. 

Think about it for a second.

Your Job Title Is Relative

What's the point? Title is relative. We are all into customer service. We are all in the business of delivering a service. Service = Purpose and Value. Embrace the role of minion and remember its a metaphor to illustrate a point. Don't get into that place where "title" is the driver. Service is what matters. The "service" you provide needs to be the driver to a better you. Deliver a bigger and better service and the title will automatically follow. As Robin Sharma exhorts: Lead without a title.

"My father taught me always to do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future." --Jim Rohn

If you can find a way to underpin the thinking behind your leadership philosophy the execution is a cinch. I hope this minion metaphor for applied humility helps. The legacy people remember will be the service you delivered, not the position you had. We don't think Richard Branson is a legend because of his entrepreneurial status. It's the stuff he did that affected our view of a humanistic business. It was the service he delivered, that we love. 

Managers, have a slice of humble pie. It's were it's at! Its respected.   

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