The Simple Secret Of Sensational Customer Service

In his book, The Power of Habit (a very very deep look into habits), Charles Duhigg makes mention of habits that drive success in big businesses. The example he uses is Starbucks and their persistence in driving a business that delivers a sensational customer experience. The stand out quote he references is that of the Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, who said:

"We are not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people business serving coffee.”

Enamoured with the simplicity of this quote it seems I am way behind the pack. A book as been written about it and it's quoted and on quoted countless times across the web and more.

The thing is, a statement like this does not date. It’s never too late to "get it". It's a classic. If there is beauty in simplicity then this quote defines beauty. This quote is like a customer service course in a sentence. If you are in the business of customer service (and here's a tip: we are all in the business of customer service) take note.

The reason we all work is about people and their experience. Always. Replace the word "coffee" with whatever product or service you provide and the same would be true. In my industry I am reminded that I am in the people business providing IT services. They day I think I am in the IT industry serving people will be a day I take a step backwards. The keystone of customer service is: People!

Now if only Starbucks could serve decent coffee.

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