How to be the CEO of You

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This article is a continuation in a series of articles on the social age.

Career security used to be baked into our jobs. There was a time when you could rely on an employer for relative long term security. In the social age this has changed. Businesses are changing their resourcing by choosing on-demand models, technology is providing mass automation and globalisation is shipping white-collar work overseas. The economy for workers has shifted and people are adapting. We see this in the rise of the freelance economy and the growth of entrepreneurial endeavours. Have you shifted your thinking?

The rapid development of technology and globalisation has changed the leverage points for accumulating wealth: money, meaning and freedom. TAYLOR PEARSON (author of THE END OF JOBS)

When the system that supported us for so long finds a new way that no longer relies on us, what do we do?

The Social Age Worker Mindset

It used to be acceptable to be just-good-enough and operate with a sense of entitlement. Now however, an entitlement mentality is the worst thing you can live by because businesses will no longer endorse it like they did in the past. According to best-selling author Daniel Pink, "The organization man is dead". Workplace loyalty is almost gone whilst automation is giving employers an array of alternatives. The age of the free agent is undoubtedly here. The rise of freelancing, micro business, contractors, entre-employees(entrepreneurial employees) is evident. Coupled with a desire for purpose, meaning and autonomy people are adapting to the digital age with aplomb.

Increasingly, security is your responsibility now, not your employers. Businesses are adapting to the digital economy and so must we. As employees we are business owners now. The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman pointedly advises, "To meet the challenge of today’s fractured career landscape, we need to think and act differently and work like you’re running a start-up: your career." Similarly since 2014 research giant, Gartner, has been advocating the worldview that every person is a technology company.

"The on-demand freelance way of working is not likely to be a good experience for people who value stability more than flexibility… whereas, it’s good for outsiders, insurgents, entrepreneurs… those trying to create new companies. Hence, trend of the future of work, it seems, comes with the tagline; everyone is their own business, company!" BIZSHIFTS

How to be the CEO of yourself?

Answer these questions:

  1. Why are you in business? What problem or need are you purposefully addressing?
  2. What value do you bring to the market?
  3. What do people pay you for?
  4. Who are your customers? The answer is not everyone!
  5. What positive impact are you making? What do you do that people will tell others about?
  6. What is your niche or area of specialisation?
  7. What are you known for? This is your reputation, your personal brand.
  8. How do you market your services?
  9. How are you innovating and growing for the future?

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