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Why Creativity Matters in the Digital Age

If art is everywhere and almost everything is art and we are all artists what are we obligated to do? Be an artist! While we all can’t be classical artists like painters, musicians, sculptors and designers we can work in a manner that captures the spirit of the artist and thereby ramp up the meaning and value in our work.

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A Tragic Lesson on Change from a War Hero Who Had It All

Change as we are often told is constant. Despite the consistency of change it’s fascinating to observe that for the majority of us change is a challenge. In light of this take stock and realise for some, namely Gonzalo Pizarro, it was so overwhelming that full scale war was the only perceived response.

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Why Your Next Position Description Will Be Written By You

The trend in work is showing that having more than one stream of income is going to be the norm. Your job will just be one of those streams. Taking charge of your career means you may indeed build a side gig or several side gigs that compliment your job or build upon dormant passions. This is far from new. People have been running side hustles for decades and it’s now reaching a tipping point.

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