4 Brave Ideas to Achieve More Than You Ever Thought You Could


I am always on the search for simple, yet profound council to drive personal value higher. Today was my lucky day.

If you want to achieve more than you ever thought you could Seth Godin, author and marketing guru, has some practical and personal advice. It’s remarkably simple and well worth reflection on how we hold ourselves back.

Seth has a track record of achievement that staggers my thinking and inspires action. Its why I started this blog.

In a recent episode in David Siteman Garland's "Rise to the Top" podcast Seth lays down 4 brave ideas that enables him to do so freakin much.

  • Never watch TV - this is a crazy one, but oh so relevant. The entire point of broadcast TV is to make you dissatisfied with your life so that you'll buy more stuff. Watching TV stops you from doing things that matter.
  • Avoid meetings - the problem with most, not all, meetings is that they encourage procrastination and delay people from doing meaningful work.
  • Always do what makes you scared - fear stops growth and any form of accomplishment dead. Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. --Mark Twain
  • Never seek approval - doing work for yourself is where you start and do your best work. If you're doing it for someone else you'll find it easier to not do it at all for fear of being constantly judged.

What are your thoughts on achieving more? Who's advice resonates with you? Leave reply in the comments.

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